Sunday, February 01, 2009

Twenty Five Things Meme

There are very few things in my life that are "secret" but I will give it a shot:)

1. I refuse to use LOL or BFF because I think they sound silly but love, love, love smileys.

2. I have declined to date someone because they didn't write well.

3. The more I like someone, the more books I give them as gifts...which must mean that my nephew is my favorite person in the whole wide world.

4. I can't figure out how I came to be living such a grown-up life when I have never once felt like a grown-up and kind of doubt I ever will.

5. I will develop a sudden passion for a hobby or topic and get completely obsessed with it. And then, once I decide I know enough, I just as suddenly stop being passionate about it. This does not apply to people however. I don't risk my heart easily but once I am in, I am all the way in. Sorry loved ones, you are stuck with me.

6. I wish I could get my cell phone implanted in my arm. It buzzes when I have a meeting or social event planned so I no longer forget what I am supposed to be doing at any given moment. I love it more than any of my other possessions, except for my books and sparkly shoes.

7. I am terribly addicted to twitter, which is another reason I love my cell phone.

8. I don't eat leftovers and never take leftovers home, except when I eat out with friends, who always talk me into taking home the leftovers. I usually end up giving to the neighbor to feed to his dog.

9. Last year I read 191 literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry books all the way through (no skimming). This number does not include the fun vampire fiction I used to "cleanse the palate" between the literary tomes or the 15 other books I skimmed.

10. Vampire romances are my comfort reads.

11. I was a vegetarian for several years and then started eating meat again in 2001. Slowly but surely it looks like I am drifting back to the world of vegetarianism once again.

12. I love live music and almost every kind of music and if I had unlimited finances, would go to every concert in town that I could find.

13. While I love reading more than anything else in the world I am not a collector. With the exception of a few reference books, the complete set of Harry Potters and autographed books by Margaret Atwood, as soon as I have read a book I sell it or give it away.

14. I have worked in public service for 13 years and have stopped worrying about germs. I figure if I haven't dropped dead by now, I am golden.

15. I don't find eating all that interesting unless I am eating out and then I insist on fabulous food. I don't think I have eaten fast food (apart from ice cream) in years.

16. Because I am not that interested in food, I am only an adequate cook. I do have a sweet tooth however and am a fabulous baker.

17. Even though I am not interested in cooking, I read cookbooks for fun.

18. I spent twenty years sending plants home with my Mother so she could rescue them and then moved into a house and discovered that I kind of like gardening and am pretty good at it.

19. I really believe squirrels are evil and are out to get me.

20. For the past five years, I have tried to watch every single Oscar nominee before Oscar party night, even the ones in the obscure categories like best costume. It has become kind of an obsession. The most movies watched in one day: I got up, watched a DVD and then went to the AMC Oscar showcase and watched five more.

21. I love Halloween and like dressing up but hate to come up with clever costumes. I've decided I need a personal assistant to figure the details in my life.

22. I grew up in a freakishly normal family. My parents are still together, my sister and I get along and I adore my nephew and extended family.

23. I have become remarkably picky about furniture and I won't buy something just to "fill in" until I find what I really want. I didn't have a kitchen table for five years until I found the perfect one in Claflin KS and I expect to own it for the next fifty years.

24. Living without a pet made my life easier but it left a huge hole in my life. I don't think I could go without one again.

25. I am an extroverted introvert (in other words, I can fake extroversion pretty well) and people are often surprised that I am an introvert.


Nuke said...

Yeah, I wouldn't have guessed 25 without you mentioning it.

As for 24, I wonder a lot about getting a pet. I just don't wanna fail anybody even if that person isn't a human.

caribookscoops said...

What a fun post. I'm good at faking extravertism too. Normally I am very interverted.

Damion said...

Hey, thanks for following me.

That's a weird phrase.

Anyway, I really like the 25 things meme.

Here's mine:

I completely agree with your number 25.

Angie said...

I don't feel like a grown-up either. I keep wondering when that grown-up feeling is going to kick in, but so far it hasn't happened.