Friday, November 14, 2008

Motivational DNA Type is CSI (Connection-Stability-Internal): The Supporter

I am having a stressful day and I find personality tests to be soothing. Thank you, Bea for giving me something to do to regain my balance.

Supporters are practical, dependable and loyal. They are both people-oriented and detail-oriented. Supporters are natural supervisors. They thrive on helping others excel in their positions and will fight for the underdog. Methodical in their methodology, they like to have the facts before they act. They respect authority and organizational structure. Caring and careful with people and projects, Supporters are skillful at implementing procedures. They possess a strong work ethic. Having a clearly defined goal to work toward is important to them and they follow through on objectives with steady conscientiousness. Psychological pay is of primary importance to them. They need to feel good about what they are doing and sense that their work makes a positive contribution.

CSI Motivators: Facts and information, peer respect, sincere appreciation, private recognition, specific positive feedback, an inspiring work environment, co-workers they enjoy, clearly defined objectives, a sense of accomplishment, and time to reflect and plan.

CSI De-Motivators: Hype and hyperbole, infringement on personal or family time, perceived inequity and demands for rapid change.

Quick-Start Tips for Goal Achievement.

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