Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Biannual Mowing Blog

I just thought I would share the fact that this is a very happy time of year for me. Why, you ask?

Because there is no more mowing! Now some of you might be thinking "mowing isn't so bad". In fact, I kinda like it. Yeah, well, you would be crazy people. I know the rest of you are doing the happy dance with me. No more dragging out the heavy mower every weekend (I am a delicate flower after all), no more environmental damage that is killing the planet causing me to be a bad, bad person (next year, I'm going electric) and best of all, no more no more mowing over dead animals causing me to being traumatized for weeks.

Now, it's time to rake! Ummm....Whoo Hooo?


Katie said...

To be uber-green, you could just go with a push lawn mower :D

"The D" said...

What about the fertilizing and the seeding?

A Librarian said...

"The D" said...Done and done!